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On the most important day the staff "Make Up Specialist" Of Beauty Zone is honored to "accompany" the bride and groom to the altar. Because creating make-up for the bride or preparing the "prince squire" is equivalent to being ourselves, doing it for ourselves or on ourselves, with our touch, our hand and our signature that we want to forge like a caress with a silk glove on Sicilian altars. And if you say "Sicily Style" we speak with the taste of the beautiful and the sublime with its intrinsic colors and scents of orange blossom, of island and light we are equally proud to have "married" Madisi ( and, the Wedding Suppliers, a name and a guarantee for consultancy on this unique, magical, unrepeatable day! Agata Pellegrino with her "Make-Up Specialist" staff are waiting for you even just for a coffee or herbal tea in our atelier for a "chat" and discuss how you want this wonderful day to be! Prosit!!

Beauty Zone Acireale Matrimonio trucco sposa wedding bridal make up servizi sposo
 Make-Up Bridal Base 
  • Bridal Make-Up Test
  • Bridal Make-Up (at home)
Price: €399.00- Complimentary mother bride or family ceremony make-up of your choice worth €50.00

 Bride Path
  • Facial cleaning
  • Kombi Manicure (semi-permanent 100% Gel) 
  • Total Body Epilation
  • Kombi Pedicure (semi-permanent 100% Gel) with Complete Pedicure
  • Bridal Make-Up Test
  • Bridal Make-Up (at home)
Price: €540.00- Complimentary mother bride or family ceremony make-up of your choice worth €50.00
 Groom path
  • Facial cleaning
  • Face treatment
  • Manicure
  • Aesthetic Pedicure
  • Total Body Epilation 
Price: €210.00  - complimentary Total Body Spray Tanning with DHA SunSun worth €30.00

If you buy both Paths Bride and Groom, as a gift Massage for the Couple in our Relax Room worth € 100.00. 
The price of the bridal makeup test is €50.00 and will be deducted from the total price in case of purchase Basic Bridal Make-Up  or Bridal Pathand, in this case, you will be entitled to a further free make-up trial.


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