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To complete, integrate and simply improve the procedure in the cabin for blemishes, vascular disorders and any problem in the aesthetic field, our center prides itself on offering a unique opportunity to our customers with the del  treatment DermoTaping® (David BlowMethod).

A modern technique that finds confirmation in many applications in the medical-aesthetic field.

It is the evolution of taping used in the medical-rehabilitation field extended to the field of aesthetics, today more than ever a sector that acts in an ever more complete and interesting way!

Dermotaping is a decompressive therapy that acts on both lymphatic and vascular levels.

The "tapes" or ribbons, expertly applied by qualified beauticians, act in practice with a draining micro-massage 24 hours a day since it is the movement of the person in his daily life that causes the lymphatic-vascular system to act by exerting a biomechanical pumping stimulation on the skin .

Tones and acts against cellulite with excellent results from the day after application! In some points such as the lower arm (triceps) normally flaccid and hypotonic in women as we age it is applied as a sort of "push-up" with excellent results!

Another striking example is the belly (and it also applies to love handles in the "boy") where the drainage is impressive in a very short time!

The blemishes treated are PEPS (or cellulite), wrinkles, stretch marks, localized adiposity, lack of tissue tone, ageing, problems related to poor blood and lymphatic circulation and all the problems, where more in general, the supply of blood and nourishment to the surface of the skin can achieve very good results.

Centro Estetico Beauty Zone Acireale dermotaping
Centro Estetico Beauty Zone Acireale dermotaping
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